Replacing Toxic Chemicals with Natural, Organic Products in Commercial Cleaning

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You had to see this one coming from a mile away. Using safe organic cleaning supplies is the in thing. In fact, professional cleaners in Perth are now using organic cleaning products that are safe for their employees who work to ensure that offices, schools, hospitals, factories, etc., are spic and span.

Truth be told, companies who provide janitorial services to help maintain a clean environment for commercial and residential properties face various hazards of being exposed to hazardous chemicals every day. What can you do to help safeguard your employees and small business to improve your workers’ lives and comply with various laws and regulations? Why? Safety matters.

Granted, certain commercial cleaning situations call for using more abrasive products; however, most commercial cleaning products contain hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that leach into the air and wreak havoc on our health. At the very least, these chemicals will irritate the skin and eyes; however, prolonged exposure to toxic-laden cleaning products can potentially cause respiratory impairment that makes it hard to breathe.

Here is an example of toxic chemicals that you will find in everyday cleaning supplies that you should avoid by all means;
• Alcohol, more specifically Ethanol, Methanol, and Isopropanol, can be found in various types of all-purpose and prolonged exposure through inhalation may cause sinus even throat cancers.
• Ammonia is another culprit found in many cleaning products, and when combined with bleach, it emits a highly poisonous gas called chloramine, which, when inhaled, can irritate the upper G.I tract.
• Additional toxic chemicals include Bleach, Butyl Cellosolve, Carbolic Acid/ Phenol, Cresol, Glycols, Formaldehyde, Hydrofluoric Acid, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Sulphuric Acid, etc.

Replacing Toxic Chemicals with Natural, Organic Products

The list of hazardous chemicals in commercial cleaning products is endless. If you have no desire to risk exposing yourself to toxicity, it’s time to start cleaning with natural, organic products and cleaning supplies. The goal here is to hire Klean N Fresh cleaning company that uses natural commercial cleaning products and supplies; So, what is the best cause of action?

Find a Safe and Reliable Cleaning Company

Whether you are in the market for janitorial services, office cleaning, industrial, commercial, or something as simple as carpet cleaning services, there are things that you can’t afford to overlook when hiring professional cleaners in Perth.

For example, reputable commercial cleaners like Klean N Fresh will readily have their credentials and references upon your request. If you want to find a reliable cleaning company in Perth that offers consistent and reliable services every time, the following is what you need to be on the lookout for;
• If you are adopting an Eco-friendly lifestyle, so should your cleaning company. It should use non-toxic commercial cleaning products that will keep your spaces safe.
• A professional cleaning company should give you peace of mind by being transparent in their costing and timelines to suit your needs.
• It maintains a high level of respect and professionalism when on a customer’s property.
• A company that puts safety first, like Klean and Fresh cleaning services, will treat its employees and, most importantly, your business equally. Always ask if they provide insurance and worker’s compensation.

If you are looking for a commercial or industrial cleaning company, contact us to get a quote. You are assured of flexible cleaning services in Perth to keep your property safe and free from chemical toxins.

A Complete Checklist of Commercial Cleaning Tasks

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Keeping a commercial property clean is a bigger task than most outside the cleaning business realise. Unlike a home, a workplace is a venue built to support the work of those inside. It is larger, more complex, and requires a higher degree of ceiling-to-floor cleanliness than cleaning a home. There may be special cleaning requirements around equipment and facilities. And with the introduction of post-COVID return to the office, the need for meticulous sanitisation cannot be understated.

In these trying times of exacting commercial cleaning standards, it helps to start with a complete checklist. So, cleaning from top to bottom without missing a single sanitised surface or restocked supply, here’s a full checklist of chores performed by commercial cleaning teams.


  • Remove Dust and Dirt from Ceilings
  • Dust and Polish Light Fixtures
  • Dust Overhead Pipes and Ductwork
  • Replace Spent or Flickering Lightbulbs

Always start cleaning from the top down. When doing a full clean of an office or commercial space, we start with the ceilings. Ceilings can be cleared of dust and cobwebs with the right ceiling-designed brooms. From there, light fixtures are polished for dust-free illumination. If any lightbulbs are missing, we’ll replace them or enter a maintenance order for techs to handle the fixture interior. If there are any exposed pipes, wiring conduits, or ductwork along the ceiling, these too can be dusted before moving on to pick up the knocked-down dust and polish lower surfaces.


  • Remove Dust
  • Wipe and Sanitise
  • Remove Stains or Sticky Areas

Below the ceilings are the common-use surfaces starting from top shelves and those above-cabinet surfaces near the ceiling. Then lower shelves, storage furniture, and finally desk and table-level surfaces are polished. Any stains or sticky spots will be scrubbed up and an acid or base cleaner applied depending on the surface being cleaned. In touch-areas where hands and breath have been, we sanitise the surfaces to ensure no virus particles can pass between coworkers or survive between cleanings.


  • Sweep and Mop Hard Floors
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Buff and Wax Tile

With ceilings and surfaces clean, we pick up the last of the dust with a thorough treatment of the floors. Hard floors are swept, vacuumed, and mopped. Large sections of tile can be buffed and re-waxed to protect the floors and enhance their long-lasting appearance. Carpets can be vacuumed and every few months, shampooed and steam-cleaned to ensure they stay fresh year after year.


  • Empty Trashcans Throughout the Building
  • Clear Away Empty Containers
  • Place Recyclables for Pickup
  • Take Trash to Dumpsters
  • Tidy Around Dumpsters

All rubbish is gathered and delivered to the proper receptacles indoors and outdoors. Recyclables are sorted and empty containers from the day’s work are disposed of properly.


  • Dust and Polish Wood Furniture
  • Vacuum Upholstery
  • Deodorise and Remove Stains from Upholstery
  • Sanitise Plastic Furniture

Furniture in the office can be cleaned, vacuumed, sanitised, and treated for stains. Each material furniture will be treated with respect, vacuuming upholstery and polishing metal, wood, and plastic furniture. Every polished surface can then be sanitised for post-COVID office safety.


  • Sanitise and Polish All Surfaces
  • Restock Soap, Towels, and Toilet Paper
  • Remove Stains with Industrial Cleaner

Cleaners pay special attention to bathrooms to make sure they remain a sterile and welcoming place for employees and guest. Facilities are cleaned, stain-treated, and sanitised with every round of cleaning. Then the supplies in the bathrooms are restocked including toilet paper, towels, and hand soap.

Kitchens and Break Rooms

  • Sanitise and Polish Countertops, Sink, Tables
  • Clear and Tidy Cabinets
  • Restock Napkins and Other Kitchen Supplies

Rooms where food is prepared and eaten also deserve special attention. Every appliance and countertop can be polished, deodorised, and sanitised for the next use. Stains are treated and any regular kitchen supplies like napkins or coffee sticks can be restocked.


  • Collect Laundry
  • Wash, Disinfect, and Remove Stains
  • Fold and Restock

If your building handles laundry, your cleaning staff may address laundry cleaning as well. When this arrangement is made, your cleaning staff can collect laundry from recepticles throughout the building, than manage the washing disinfecting, and stain removal of the wash. Finally, laundry is folded and restocked where it is needed throughout the building.


  • Clean and Polish Windows Indoors
  • Clean First Floor Outdoor Windows

Windows that can be reached by the cleaning staff can be kept clean and streak-free. On the first floor, exterior windows can also be washed safely.

Building Exterior

  • Sweep Exterior Pavement
  • Power Wash or Sand Blast Exteriors
  • Sanitise Handrailings and Door Handles

Some commercial cleaning contracts include exterior cleaning. Your team may agree to sweep exterior walks or use a power washer or sand blaster to keep the outside of the building spotless. For post-COVID safety, exterior cleaning may include sanitising handrails and door handles outside the building.

Work Machines and Equipment

  • Wipe and Disinfect
  • Remove Grease and Residue

If your facilities include specialised equipment, you can ask your commercial cleaning team to learn how to wipe down and remove residue from your machines and sanitise the controls between use.

Cleaning Department Tasks

  • Reorder Cleaning Supplies
  • Log Maintenance Requests

Finally, commercial cleaners often handle supply orders and maintenance requests. We’ll re-order our own cleaning supplies along with anything the team is responsible for restocking. If we notice anything broken during a cleaning routine, we’ll let maintenance know so it can be fixed by the mechanical pros.

Do you need commercial cleaning services for your building? Request a quote from our Klean n Fresh cleaning services team.

How to Find the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

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Property managers or business owners need a cleaning company that can deliver value for money. For starters, any successful enterprise needs a clean and sanitary environment. Apart from ensuring your workforce is more productive, your customers demand nothing less of perfection.

1. Reliability

Think of a cleaning service as an investment in your business. You must get the most out of any cleaning company you choose. However, you can only get flexible cleaning service from a reliable and trustworthy service provider.

Start with a background check on the company to help you determine their work ethic. Dig into tiny details such as the number of workers they have, how many hours they work, and their level of experience. Carpet cleaning services, for example, can only be accomplished effectively with multiple employees. It will also help if you look at some reviews from previous and current clients. 

2. 24-Hour Operational Support

A cleaning company that works round the clock will always come in handy. In most cases, the company will need to perform facility or office cleaning during closing hours. Doing this will save you a lot of time and ensure your employees are productive during work hours.

You might also have a few unusual demands during the year. For example, cleaning after an office party or weekend business meetings. An industrial cleaning service that works 24 hours will meet all your needs day and night, including strata cleaning. You might not need it, but wouldn’t you rather have it?

3. Fast Response Time

Most business managers and property owners forget one fundamental thing — cleaning emergencies happen often. It is, therefore, vital to find a cleaning company with a fast response time. Start by inquiring whether the company uses individual contractors or hires employees. Dealing with contractors can cause a lot of havoc in your business. Reliability becomes a huge issue, and your company becomes liable for any accidents. Commercial window cleaning is particularly dangerous.

How does the cleaning company handle the absence of a staff member due to circumstances such as illness? Do they deploy replacement staff immediately, or is there a wait time? How quickly do their workers gain access to commercial cleaning supplies? Getting answers to such questions will help you find janitorial services with a fast response time.

4. Insurance and Certifications

The first thing you must ask for is evidence of working license and liability insurance. These documents will help you prove the authenticity of a specific company. You will also rest assured that the cleaning company has insurance cover for all its employees. 

It will also help to ask for a few certifications that guarantee professionalism. The worker’s compensation certificates, for example, show whether the company uses cash workers or regular workers. Do not forget to inquire about the type of cleaning products they use.

5. Quality of Staff

As mentioned earlier, cleaning companies work when you are out of the office or facility. It is, therefore, clear that their employees will have to work unsupervised. Because they have full access to your business, ensure you consider how a cleaning company screens potential employees.

Do you offer individuals job positions before performing a thorough background check? Why should you expect anything less from a cleaning company? Ensure the company does reference checks, background checks, and verification of legal status. 

Get Professional Cleaning Services in Perth

Hiring professional cleaners in Perth, Australia can be a daunting task for property owners and business managers. At Klean N Fresh, we take away all the complications so that you can focus on growing your business. Ensure you contact us about our cleaning services today to request a quote.